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Accepted Staff Application: Baeto
IGN: Baeto

Country and timezone: I live in the United States of America and my timzone is Central TimeZone

How long have you played Lonewolves? I've been playing for a few months now just recently have I began to play more this reset. 

What position are you aiming for, Helper or Mod? I am aiming for Helper. 

What experience do you have, if any? I used to be staff on a server called CraftCadia  it was a decent size server averaging around 200-300 players all day and dealt with hackers, toxic players, people who'd glitch, and etc. Server closed down and we all had to leave. Was staff for a few months almost a year. 

Are you able to record? Yes I am able to record on my pc.

Are you able to screenshare and search for hacked clients? Yes I've dealt my hand of hackers.

Are you able to be easily accessible through Discord? Im almost always on the LoneWolfs discord and love talking to everyone.
There we go not 12 I meant to put 18
Thread locked.
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