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faqSlimeLV Staff App
IGN: faqSlimeLV (OGs Might remember me as MinecraftJrek21 Big Grin)

Age: 19 Soon to be 20

Country and timezone: Latvia +3 GMT

How long have you played Lonewolves?

I have played Lonewolves since it came out I think. Pretty much from the beginning. A really long time. Not as much now, but ill be getting back to it.

What position are you aiming for, Helper or Mod?

Which ever suits the staff team.

What experience do you have, if any?

I have loads of experience, Starting from helper in other servers, til being owner in some big servers.

Are you able to record?

Yes I am able to stream and record.

Are you able to screenshare and search for hacked clients?

Yes, I have done that. And I am able to do it. 

Are you able to be easily accessible through Discord?

Yes, I can both be accessible trough Discord/Steam/Webpage.

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