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List of suggestions
1. Less dependent on spawners. 

Spawners are basically currency in this map and it makes things way too easy. Once you have a few iron golem spawners you don't really have anything to worry about. For next map, I suggest just having the base mob spawners. Zombie, Skeleton, Spider, Cave Spider, Blaze, and I mean if ya want to add silverfish go for it, but they don't really have a use. Creeper spawners are decent because they have a use in making tnt, but gunpowder should not be an item that you can sell because they'd start to stack just like the iron golems did. Bottom line is, spawners should be used for xp.

2. F Upgrades with power are OP. I can throw my alt on and have them have their own faction and get another 40 claims out of that one faction and it's over powered at times with how many claims there are around some bases. 

3. Tnt breaking obsidian
This one I'm on the fence about, but don't allow tnt to break obsidian? It'd make raiding a lot more difficult, but I feel like it'd give newer players a chance to not get raided so quickly and it would reduce the dependency on unclaimed bases which would make wealth and loot flow through the server better

4. More activity from staff

It seems to me that a lot of the staff this map have been very inactive and whether that's because they have things going on in their life or they just don't care, they just aren't getting on. I feel that we need some new and very active staff to help out and promote the server more to get the player count back up. 

5. Just make it harder to get good.
 A few years back, as a new member on the server, you had kit basic and that kit was iron armor and stone tools which you could get every week! Things weren't just handed out to you as they are now. Diamonds actually had value back then and now you can get five diamond blocks from just voting. 

6. Possible voting reward at milestones?
Maybe a diamond set at 25 votes and a p1 set at 50 votes etc etc. 

7. A warp to the end?
Just something that would be cool I guess

I hope you take these suggestions into consideration for next map. Thank you

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